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Feb 22, 2017

Eddie Bravo is a black belt in Jiujitsu under Master Jean Jacques Machado. Eddie is the founder of 10th Planet Jiujitsu and has over 60 affiliate school world wide. He was also apart of some of the most memorable jiujitsu matches of all time. 

On this episode we talk about the competitors in his upcoming EBI 11 Event....

Feb 21, 2017

On this episode we kick with the Boogeyman himself. Richie Martinez. Richie is a black belt in Jiujitsu under the legend Eddie Bravo.We discuss his upcoming competition at EBI 11, his current regiment, cross training, mentality, and the strength he receives from his teammates.


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Feb 21, 2017

Tom Mcsweeney is a Police officer in New Jersey, is a white belt in Jiujitsu, a wrestler of over 20 years, and now his biggest accomplishment is CANCER SURVIVOR. Tom gives us his inspiring story of himself overcoming testicular cancer. He talks about the entire journey and how it has made him a much stronger person....

Feb 16, 2017

 Did Silva win? Did Holm get robbed? We break down who won, how they did it, the controversy, and how these judges may be looking at fights.

 We also jump into a little Woodley vs Thompson and Khabib vs Ferguson fight talk!


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Feb 8, 2017

Our 100th podcast can't just have one guest!

Brandon Mccaghren & Matt Skaff from 10th Planet Decatur drop in and drop a boatload of knowledge. We explore some methods on how they get better in jiujitsu and their passionate obsession with it! So sit back and enjoy the ride. We had an awesome time spending this special...