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Oct 13, 2016

Eddie Bravo is the founder of 10th Planet Jiujitsu and a legend in jiujitsu. His organization now has over 60 schools worldwide. He has been on the cutting edge of jiujitsu for years. He is known for developing positions like the rubber guard, half guard lockdown, and the twister. He has been working hard for years to help MMA fighters develop better jiujitsu for the sport. He is a longtime UFC fan and a former employee. WE were excited to have him on for a third episode!

We discuss:

-UFC fighter Tony "El Cucuy" Ferguson

-break down of EBI 9 on UFC Fight Pass

-Jiujitsu points vs sub-only competitions

-the good/bad of points competitions

-Grace Gundrum

-Evolution of BJJ

-jiujitsu padwork

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