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Jul 24, 2016

ON this episode we talk to co-founder of Kimera Koffee, Teodoro (Ted) Armenteros. Ted is an awesome guy and shared with us his views on jiujitsu, coffee, the making of Kimera Koffee, and a fun story of Jake Shields.

What determines coffee flavor in DR (02:50), Where coffee grows (08:10), Diner coffee vs quality coffee (10:10), Kimera Koffee process (13:56), Benefits of Nootropics (17:24), My experience with Kimera (20:52), Inspiration to start Kimera (25:08), Jiujitsu roots of Kimera (26:36), Jiujitsu's positive impact on his life (28:03), How thy partnered with UFC vet Jake Sheilds (35:05).

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