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May 25, 2016

On this episode we talk to fitness expert, DaRulk. The name was given to him by Rener Gracie because he compared his strength to the Hulk's.. It is spelled with an "R" because brazilians use the letter R to make the sound of the letter H. Anyway, he is strength and conditioning expert and trains many professional athletes. He has worked with the Gracie brothers, Mark Munoz, and many other MMA & Jiujitsu fighters. He is an extremely strong man who has dedicated most of his life to pushing the boundaries of human potential. He is a bad ass that can pull cars from the bear crawl position! A BEAST! He is such an inspirational figure through his physical feats and profound wisdom. He has also started a meal prep company called M120 located in Orange County in California.

Check out his website to order a custom workout routine for yourself!

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