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Mar 26, 2016

Bones is a Purple belt WORLD CHAMPION from team UNITY JJ in NYC. His accolades as a young athlete have been exceptional thus far. He is a 2x NOGI World Champ, a 2x NOGI Pan Champ in blue belt. At purple belt he just became a Gi Pan Champ, NOGI World Champ, and took double gold at AbuDhabi Pros! The kid is a beast! His work ethic and knowledge of training in jiujitsu is at a very high level and we were very excited to get in depth on how he trains, when he trains, and the life of training with legends. (his professors are Murilo Santana and MIyao Bros!)

Topics covered:

-drilling styles - how to drill like the best

-competition: nervous or fun / mindset

-full time competitor life

-Murilo Santana / Unity work ethic

Instagram: @_bonesbjj_